Historic Motor Racing

Alfa Adventures


This picture was taken at Zandvoort in 1991, just leaving the pit during a training session.

I got my racing license in 1990, but I wanted to keep on practicing and improving, so in that following winter I took a drift and powerslide course with this 1982 Alfa Romeo Alfetta 2.0. Unfortunately, these drift sessions increasingly damaged the car (video coming soon), which was of course not very convenient with my budget. On the upside, every time the car had to be repaired in the garage, small improvements could be made at the same time. The Alfa went to Stef Visser, who was responsible for the preparation of the racing cars of the Alfa dealer team in the 80’s. The car was modified (lowered springs, a roll bar, and ended up with quite a powerful engine) and I was able to drive the Alfa during various events at Zandvoort and Assen between 1991 and 1995!

Another great thing about the Alfa was that it was road legal, so I besides racing we took it on quite a few vacations, our youngest daughter Tara Louise in the backseat. Lots of fun.

But I had a dream: a real classic racing car. At that time my wife drove a Ford Escort RS 2000, so in order to pursue the race car dream we had to sell the Alfa.

By the end of December 1995 I was finally able to buy my dream car: a Sunbeam Imp (1968).

To be continued.